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About Us

Nepal China Friendship Forum (NCFF) is a non-political, not-for-profit organization. It was established to address specific issues of our economy through systematic workshops and precise interactive activities.We incorporate and stimulate cross-fertilization of ideas and to allow participants for problem-solving approaches. In order to perform activities, NCFF designs different agendas through various session outcomes, research materials obtained from specialists, or through in-house group discussion dynamics. We engage all group members in the discussion, while working with smaller groups to share and generate ideas. In fact, NCFF aims to effectively work as an agent between Governments and Academicians and assist in formation of sound policies in different practices by providing research based materials.


  • To generate policy oriented research and providing them to local councils, governments and various organizations with a view to assist in sound policy making through informed decisions.
  • To analyze and advice different domestic and international sectors in Trade, Finance, Tourism and other areas, which in-turn enables governments to review policy issues.
  • To bridge the gap between Academic, Government and Policy Making communities.
  • To translate research into simple, understandable and reliable language for policy makers.
  • To facilitate exchanges of views with other similar institution
  • To act as a focal point for academician, policy makers, opinion leaders to exchange views and information in specific area


To measure, study and communicate the impact of Research and Seminars on the welfare of society.

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Various programmes are organized by NCFF as fund raisers and awareness programs

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Research Volunteers: Apply to be a research volunteer at Nepal China Friendship Forum.

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Apply to be a research volunteer at Nepal China Friendship Forum. Apply to be a research volunteer at Nepal China Friendship Forum.

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