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Who We Are


Established in 2013 Nepal China Friendship Forum (NCFF) is a non-profit/nonpolitical organization registered at District Administration Office (DAO) of Kathmandu as well as in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in Nepal. NCFF has been engaging in the array of issues pertaining to bilateral relations between China Nepal, and beyond. It has been undertaking specific issues of economic development, cultural exchanges and transfer of knowledge between Nepal and China to foster the age-old relationship between Nepal and China. NCFF believes in the cross-fertilization of ideas accentuated by problem-solving approaches for the collective benefits of two friendly nations.

Registration and Recognition

  Registration and Recognition:


Nepal China Friendship Forum was registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal to operate as a regional non-profit, NGO in 2014.

Nepal China Friendship Forum Researcher or Student Registration:

Information submitted will remain private and may only be viewed by Nepal China Friendship Forum staff.


  1. To generate policy oriented research and providing them to local councils, governments and various organizations with a view to assist in sound policy making through informed decisions.

  2. To analyze and advice different domestic and international sectors in Trade, Finance, Tourism and other areas, which in-turn enables governments to review policy issues.

  3. To bridge the gap between Academic, Government and Policy Making communities.

  4. To translate research into simple, understandable and reliable language for policy makers.

  5. To facilitate exchanges of views with other similar institution

  6. To act as a focal point for academician, policy makers, opinion leaders to exchange views and information in specific area

Aims and Objective

  1. Analyze and advise domestic and international sectors thereby enabling the governments of both countries to help formulate policy issues.

  2. Bridge the existing gaps prevailing in government, academia, and informal sectors with enhanced bilateral cooperation.

  3. Undertake research with comprehensive and reliable policy engagements.

  4. Facilitate exchanges of knowledge and skills among similar institutions of both countries.

  5. Act as a focal point for academicians, policy-makers, opinion leaders for the exchange of views and information in specific areas of cooperation.

  6. Collaborate in trade, business, tourism, arts and crafts with China and South Asian nations.

  7. Organize programs, seminars, and discussions in the fields of research, technology, innovation, business, trade and others.

  8. Publish magazines, articles, and research journals on trade business, agriculture, tourism, and culture

Help us grow!

Nepal China Friendship Forum (NCFF) is a non-profit organization. Our NGO model currently runs with, a group of specialists and instructors, student internships, and volunteers. Our broader vision includes additional salaried staff, an updated facility and improvements that enhance our programs which more effectively cater to our community.